About Adore

  • That's why we created ADORE (All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise) Houston. We believe that reducing animal overpopulation is a vital way to make our community a safer and kinder place for both animals and humans.

    At ADORE, we work to get stray and abandoned dogs off the streets and out of shelters — and to help dogs who do have homes stay in those homes by aiding and educating their owners.

    ADORE provides rescue services, vet care, foster care and adoptive placement. Dogs come to us from many sources, including local animal shelters, owner surrenders and the streets of Houston. Our goal is to find safe and loving homes for each and every one.

    One of the ways we help dogs is by helping their humans. When dog owners are in need, we lend a hand so that they can keep their beloved pets and get back on their feet. ADORE Houston is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt animal welfare organization

    ADORE’s Mission
    • Provide emotional and physical care to animals whenever possible.
    • Spay or neuter all rescued dogs and cats unless precluded for health reasons.
    • Educate the public about the natures, needs and natural tendencies of rescues.
    • Place rescues in appropriate homes after screening.
    • Raise funds to meet our rescue’s needs.
    • Respectfully come to the aid of other rescuers whenever possible.
    • Teach and support people who have adopted rescues.

    adopt from us:

    You can browse available dogs
    here on our website or meet dogs
    at our adoption events.

    To adopt, you'll need to
    fill out an application
    and cover fees from $200 to $300.

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    our partners:

    Taking on Houston's animal crisis is a big job.
    We work with other groups so that our efforts can do the most good.

    Unity Solution

    Unity for a Solution

    Unity is another nonprofit that's taking on animal overpopulation in Houston. Unity's programs include a letter-writing campaign to elected officials. Visit the Unity for a Solution website.
    Total Control K9 College

    Total Control K9 College

    We believe that educating owners, as Total Control does, helps dogs stay in homes. (877) 526-4630. Total Control K9 College on Facebook.
    Every Last Apartment

    Every Last Apartment

    Find a pet-friendly home in Houston, Austin, Dallas or San Antonio.

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    help more dogs get off the street and into
    safe and loving homes.

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