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This is what it’s all about. When you support ADORE Houston with your donations or time, you give second chances to some great dogs who just need someone to care about them. You help dogs who are sick, hungry and alone on Houston’s streets find homes where they’re safe, healthy and surrounded by love. You change the world for these dogs — and for the humans who adopt them.

Bonnie Has Been Adopted!

This is Bonnie, who was adopted in January 2012. Bonnie is living with her fur-ever family, the Nikolouzos', and what a lucky little girl she is!

Barney Is Now Boss!

Barney and his siblings, Bonnie and Scooby, were found in January 2012 living under a building. He now has a new name (Boss) and a new loving family. His mama, Maggie, is featured on our home page and ready for adoption.

Pickles Has Been Adopted!

Pickles was just adopted by a lovely family. She now has a big backyard to play in and a little girl to play with.

Gertie’s New Family

Gertie is now in her Fur-ever home with her new family, The Rogeros.

Champ Found FURever Home!

Our beloved and handsome Champ has been adopted. He is now living in sunny California with his new brother, Rocco, who was also an Adore dog. We will miss you, Champ, but we are so happy that you now have your fur-ever home.

Tippy aka ChaCha was Adopted!

Tippy is so happy in her new home out in Fairfield, Texas. She has a new sister, Sealy, and a wonderful new family to call her own. Yay, Tippy!!!

Chacho Has Been Adopted!

Chacho (aka Loki) has been adopted. Chacho – now Loki – has a lovely new home out in Missouri City, Texas. Loki was truly one of the cutest puppies we have ever had.

Bella Has Been Adopted!

This is Bella, now named Annabelle. When we found her she was living under a freeway trying to keep her 3 babies from starving. Annabelle now lives a blessed life with her new daddy, Dr. Todd Ivey, and her little sister Samantha.

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